Chronic Inflammation at the Root of Many Diseases and Ailments

     "I'm done!" I told my client.
     "What do you mean?" She gasped. "Every time you work on me, I'm pain free for an hour or two!" I went on to explain to my client that, after each session, I could tell that her muscles had completely released around her knees. Something was causing the muscles to contract after an hour or two and, with my new found knowledge, nothing made sense but chronic inflammation.
     Alice, my client, had contacted me because doctors told her that she had bone on bone in both her knees and needed to replace them. Desperately not wanting surgery, she reached out to me for help.
     Before becoming a therapist, I myself had spent 20 years on and off with back pain, was diagnosed with osteoarthritis down my spine at age 23, and spent a grueling year in bed because of my back at age 33.
     After doing tons of research and coming across study after study where people, who never ever had back pain, were given MRI's of their spines and these people had the same spinal aberrations that get blamed for pain (herniated discs, arthritis, stenosis, etc.), I knew there had to be another cause of our pain.
     One day it finally hit me. I had an epiphany: Who gets carpal tunnel syndrome? Who gets shin splints? Who gets tennis elbow/golfer's elbow? We're two-thirds muscle, and most of the people who hurt simply just have tight, contracted muscle tissue!
With this incredible realization, I was able to get well and then became a therapist to help others.
     Yet, I could not help about 2% of my clients. Then one day it hit me. Scientists and physicians are realizing that chronic inflammation can cause a whole host of diseases: Alzheimer's, some cancers, heart disease, diabetes, and more. I hypothesized that if chronic inflammation can cause these afflictions, surely it can cause muscles to spasm.
     Explaining to Alice my theory, I asked her if she'd be willing to go on an anti-inflammatory diet for three weeks. The anti-inflammatory diet was a diet that I had created for myself awhile back. Alice said, "Anything to avoid surgery!" After one week, Alice's knees were well.
     If you'd like anymore information, please feel free to reach out to me:


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